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A beautiful home with a white garage door.Based in Fairview and serving western North Carolina, Fairview Door Sales is your local expert in residential garage doors. Our family-owned business is committed to helping you elevate your home’s curb appeal while ensuring safety, security, and convenience.

Exceptional Garage Door Installation Services

In need of a garage door replacement? We’ve got you covered. Whether your existing door has worn out or you desire a style upgrade, our team can handle the task. We’ll help you choose the perfect replacement that suits your style and budget, followed by professional installation for seamless functionality.

At Fairview Door Sales, we are committed to providing precision garage door installation services. Our experienced team follows strict safety protocols and best practices to ensure your new garage door operates smoothly and efficiently for many years to come.

And Unparalleled Selection of Residential Garage Doors

We offer an extensive range of high-quality residential garage doors from renowned manufacturers, such as C.H.I. Whether your aesthetic is classic or contemporary, we are sure to have the perfect garage door to complement your home. We prioritize quality, durability, and style in all our offerings, ensuring a lasting and visually pleasing investment for your property.

Why Trust Fairview Door Sales for Garage Door Replacement?

Choosing Fairview Door Sales means choosing a company with over 50 years of experience and a proven commitment to providing value-driven residential garage door services. We’ve been serving western North Carolina homeowners since 1972, and our goal remains the same – taking care of our customers.

As a locally owned business, we prioritize the needs of our community, offering free estimates and a workmanship warranty that supplements the manufacturer’s warranty. Our residential garage door services are designed to add value to your home while offering enhanced safety and functionality.

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Contact Fairview Door Sales today for all your residential garage door needs and let us help you transform your home’s with our attractive and functional products.



Steel Flush Panel Garage Door

CHI Model 2284 – Steel Flush Panel Garage Door

  • CFC Free Urethane: 2217
  • CFC Free Polystyrene: 2284
  • Color options
  • Window options


For those who prefer a more contemporary look, flush panels provide staright, clean lines for understated elegance, plain and simple.



Aluminum Raised Long Panel Garage Door

CHI Model 4201 – Aluminium Raised Long Panel Insulated Garage Door

  • Short Panel, Uninsulated: 2200
  • Short Panel, Insulated: 2201
  • Long Panel, Uninsulated: 4200
  • Long Panel, Insulated: 4201


This classic door was designed to meet your needs. Both the insulated and non-insulated models are available with a variety of stylish window, trim & color options.


Steel Carriage House Garage Doors

CHI Model 5283 – Steel Carriage House – Accent Wood Tone

  • Glass & Hardware Options
  • R9.65: 5283/5983
  • R16.55: 5216/5916
  • Wood Accent Options


Strength and design come together to carefully craft stamped carriage house doors. Shaped from steel and embossed with a wood grain finish this series beautifully replicates the timeless look of carriage style doors.


Carriage House Overlay Series

CHI Model 5500 – Fiberglass Overlay Carriage House garage Door

  • Steel: 5300 / 5600
  • Wood: 5400 / 5700
  • Fiberglass: 6500 / 5800


A sense of history underlies the overlay series making them unforgettable. Durable high-quality materials blended in the traditional carriage house design. The result is the garage door you always wanted.


Aluminium Full View Doors

Affordable Equipment Sales, Rental & Landscaping Supplies – Hendersonville

CHI Model 3295 – Full View – Frosted Glass Garage Door

  • 8′ Section
  • 10′ Section
  • 12′Section


Clean looks. Quality and Strength. Available in insulated or tempered glass.

“FANTASTIC! I wish Fairview Door's level of customer service was standard across the entire home repair/install industry! They were punctual, professional, and so kind! RICK is awesome! My garage door is working perfectly and their pricing is affordable! Thank you!!”

Dema B.
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“This is a truly responsible business! Six years ago, they replaced my garage door and I assumed would tell me I also needed to replace my 12 year old opener. Nope, they said it was fine and for a very reasonable price, installed a keypad for the old one. The old opener lasted six more years and it was finally time to replace it. The very friendly technicians.came, quickly did the installation and then made an extra trip to replace the rodent chewed liner with the proper color match. The office staff and techs are great to deal with; a very positive experience, BOTH times!”

- Mary S.

“FANTASTIC! I wish Fairview Door's level of customer service was standard across the entire home repair/install industry! They were punctual, professional, and so kind! RICK is awesome! My garage door is working perfectly and their pricing is affordable! Thank you!!”

- Dema B.

“Prompt, excellent work. Thank you for the excellent job installing the new garage door opener. The opener you recommended is indeed SUPER quiet with the room above the garage now fit for sleeping even when the door opens and closes. The phone app showing if the door is open/closed and being able to activate it remotely has already come in handy. Fairview Door Sales is highly recommended.”

- David K.